It’s a beautiful, warm night in Utah. As I sit in my kids’ room upstairs, I’m wondering why it’s so hot up here even though I had recently added blown insulation to the attic space and run the air conditioner constantly.

As I used my favorite tool to research (Google), I found that traditional insulation is a thing of the past. Based on simple physics, I found that using a reflective multi-layered insulation developed by NASA has a significantly greater impact in the summer than anything else I can add to my attic space. It makes my home more comfortable and lowers energy costs dramatically!

Blown in Insulation-Limitations

According to the US Department of Energy, traditional insulation absorbs only 10% of radiant heat! Wow! That means there is still 90% of heat being transferred throughout the house and attic. Blown In insulation is similar to a sponge. Just as a sponge fills up with water and no more water can enter into the space, the insulation can only contain a certain amount of heat. Once insulation reaches its saturation point, it becomes wholly ineffective. In physics we learn that hot air travels to cold air. All of that hot air that is not being saturated starts flowing through your home. Once traditional insulation has reached its saturation point, the excess hot air from the attic travels down into my home which makes my air conditioner run more often. We all know what that means; higher electric bills, more wear and tear on my air conditioning, and more money leaving my bank account.

On top of that, 20-50% of the air we breathe comes from the attic. Filling it up with loads and loads of insulation is not going to be good for you health. More insulation attracts more dirt, dust, dust mites, and dust mite excrement to flow into the home causing a myriad of symptoms. You no longer have to blame your allergens on the Utah air. You can blame a lot of your stuffed noses, allergies, and other uncomfortable symptoms on the air that is being pumped into our homes through the attic. Thanks to traditional insulation, you have a semi-cool or semi-warm home, allergens flowing through your home and your money flowing out of your wallet. Doesn’t sound like a great situation to me. You spend most of your time in your home and you deserve to have quality air pumping through your living space.

Cheap prices can be enticing, but don’t let the cheaper cost of traditional insulation fool you. While traditional insulation is generally more cost effective than other types, it also has minimum impact. You really are getting what you pay for. But, on top of that, your electricity bills won’t be lowered and your doctors visits won’t be any less. Once you’re sitting in your Utah home and you receive your electricity bill in the middle of summer, you’ll wish you had spent a little bit more money and got the higher quality insulation. Making an investment in advanced insulation technology is worth it! It can oftentimes pay for itself from day one by creating a significantly more improved comfort level and by drastically lowering energy bills– both gas and electricity.

Benefits of Multi-Layered Insulation

Traditional insulation definitely has its benefits. It was a cost effective way to keep my home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. But, the limitations caused me to seriously research other things I could do to increase the comfort of my living space. In my search, I found a technology that was developed for the rigors of outer space. As you can imagine, with the space station moving from +250 to -250 degrees fahrenheit a total of 16 times per day, NASA obviously researched and tested to determine the best technology for maintaining a tight temperature tolerance inside the envelope of the space station. In a 4 minute clip from an episode on The History Channel, NASA discusses the development of a multi-layered insulation technology.

Rather than ABSORBING only 10% of radiant heat, multi-layered insulation actually REFLECTS/STOPS 97%! When you compare the traditional insulation that was only absorbing 10% and now there is multi-layered insulation that is stopping 97%, its easy to know what insulation you should install in your home.

To put it another way; if you’re being mugged on the streets of New York City, would you rather RESIST the mugger or STOP him dead in his tracks? By stopping the heat almost entirely a neat thing happens. Since the heat is reflected away from my traditional insulation by the Multi Layer Insulation, it never has a chance to move inside my home. With no excess heat moving into my home it obviously increases the level of comfort attained. No heat means my thermostat doesn’t trigger my air conditioner which means my electric bill drops like a rock for immediate short term benefits. Since my air conditioning unit runs less than half the time as before, it also creates the longer term benefit of significantly extending its life.

Multi-Layered Insulation is full of benefits. It keeps the air out of the home, creates a more comfortable space to live in and helps cuts electricity bills the moment it is installed.

Multi-Layered Insulation Helps The Environment

Rocky Mountain Power, a power company that powers Utah, states in their “Wattsmart” program that if everyone in Utah would adjust the thermostat by 2 degrees we’d clean up the air in Utah! Do you want to find a way to contribute to the environment but don’t know how? Or don’t want to put large amounts of money into a cause and not know how the money is being used?

By installing Multi-layered insulation, you can help the environment. Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized that cutting energy usage by adding multi-layered insulation will also help the environment for literally zero upfront costs! That’s the icing on the cake. When I can do my part as a citizen and steward of our planet and also increase the comfort and decrease outgoing dollars towards utility bills, it’s a win/win/win all the way around!

Multi-Layered Insulation really is the way to go. You can create a more comfortable space for you and your family, decrease your electricity bill and help the environment.

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