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Solar energy is also a clean, inexpensive, and renewable power source from the sun. It does not produce pollutants nor releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere whenever it creates electricity. The operational costs of solar energy are significantly lower compared to other forms of energy generation. Since it does not work without fuel, it does not need to worry about securing a supply.

What are the benefits of using solar energy?

Solar energy is an infinite power source that does not exhaust and won’t run out anytime soon and complements other renewable resources, such as geothermal, hydropower, and wind. It is the most abundant alternative or sustainable energy source available that can be harnessed pretty much everywhere around the globe as long as the sunlight continues to shine on the surface of the Earth.

It can provide the whole world’s energy needs 10,000 times. Likewise, it can steadily supplement the worlds world’s energy demands as a whole for another 5 billion years, unlike the energy generated from fossil fuels, which also take a long time to produce.

Solar energy is gradually becoming integrated and competitive, which will help combat the current issue with the climate crisis and reliance on fossil fuels, including coal, crude oil, and natural gas, for electricity. Other than electricity, solar technologies provide light and comfort, heat the water, and so on. 

Residences and businesses with solar panel installations can produce and sell surplus electricity to the electricity provider, reducing utility bills and saving money.

how to harness solar energy?


Passive System

Passive systems rely on the building, construction, design, materials, or placement of a home or establishment to use the heat or light directly from the sun. It is a simple and cost-efficient method to harness the sun’s energy. An energy-efficient building or home design requires strategic planning to ensure that the construction, location, and orientation are controlled to provide adequate insulation and ventilation over time.


Active System

The active systems require external devices to convert the sun’s energy into a usable form. These systems include active solar space heating, solar water heaters, PV cells, and concentrated solar power (CSP).

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