“We decided to take matters into our own hands and decided to go solar.”

Eliminate fluctuating power bills and replace a never-ending monthly cost with an investment in owning your own power source.

Go solar and save.

Going solar isn’t just the right thing to do for the planet. It’s also the right thing to do for your budget.

Fixing the price you pay for power now by switching to solar means you’ll save more and more every time your power company raises rates. 

In addition, for many homeowners, going solar can reduce the amount they pay for power every month from the very first day they turn on their system.

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What we Provide

We’re with you every step of the way. From permitting, through installation, monitoring and warranty – ACES will be your solar partner for decades to come. 

The Solar Process:

Proposal & Initial Design

Using your street address and your history of power consumption based on your power bill, we’ll build a custom designed solar system for your family.

We’ll size your system based on your home’s location, the pitch of your roof, the direction the roof faces and more.

We’ll take the time to go over the proposal with you and answer any questions you may have.

Financing & Paperwork

We’ll provide you with a number of options for financing and once we’ve found the option that works for you, we’ll take care of the rest.

We handle all the permits, net-metering agreements, inspections and other paperwork for you.

Scheduling time for your install is the only item you’ll have to worry about.

Site Visit & Installation

The next step is a site visit. We’ll have a member of our install team visit your home to verify our design plan.

After that, once your permits have been approved, we’ll schedule your installation date.

On average our install times are within 30 days. The installation itself usually takes just one day but larger systems may require additional time. 

Monitoring & Warranty

Once your system is installed and generating electricity, you’ll be able to monitor its production in real-time through an online portal and app.

If at any point, your production drops beyond warrantied degradation levels (usually less than .05% per year, depending on the manufacturer), we provide a 20-year bumper to bumper coverage and will rectify the situation.

SOLAR and energy efficiency

Combine solar with our energy efficiency upgrades for your home and it’s a powerful, one-two combination that will save you even more.


Average Savings

Why combine solar and energy efficiency?

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can reduce your energy needs by up to 30%. If you need 30% less energy to run your home, that means you’ll need 30% fewer solar panels to generate all the power your home needs. 

In addition, your home becomes more comfortable and healthier at the same time. Sealing and creating a more energy-efficient home means your home’s temperatures become more consistent – no more hot and cold spots – and improves the indoor air quality of your home.

Those are benefits you don’t get from solar alone.

“ACES and their representatives were wonderful to work with. They presented a clear proposal outlining the process and the cost of installing our solar panels. The entire process from their presentation, to the financing, to the installation, was surprisingly easy and fast. Our panels were installed four weeks after our first conversation. We are now producing electricity and are thrilled. The individuals we worked with were very professional and thoroughly answered every question we had. I highly recommend ACES if you are considering solar energy.” – Phil E.

“ACES is the epitome of a knowledgeable solar company. Amazing quality, customer service, and staff set them apart from the competition and set the bar high. Zero disappointments and would recommend them to anyone!” – Nate D.

“I really appreciate how well they explain things. They do what they say they will. I would highly recommend them again.” – Kenny C.
“These guys are great. They responded quickly to all of my questions and the service is wonderful. I would highly recommend them.” – Mike B.

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