What’s a “home envelope?”

And why is sealing your home envelope important?

No one wants to live in a drafty house. To hear the wind whistling through gaps in your front door or a window whenever a stiff breeze arrives does nothing but suck money from your pockets. Sealing the cracks and gaps in your home is, of course, the logical answer, but how? Why?

Is it all about money? Not letting the heat escape in the winter and the chilled air-conditioned temperatures escape from your home in the summer? The cost of lost energy should be a consideration but there are other more significant reasons to seal your home.

A well-sealed home is a healthy home.

First and foremost, among those reasons is health. Sealing your home prevents outdoor air pollution from becoming indoor air pollution.

Your air conditioner and furnace have filtration systems designed to remove particulate matter from your indoor air. But if you have a constant source of air pollution entering your home, the effects of filtration can be nullified. You and your family are then left surrounded by just as much air pollution inside your home as you are when you’re driving the inversion-filled highways or running through the park on a red flag day.

To read more about the health impacts breathing in polution and air-borne particulate matter can have on you and your family, click here.

And who wants mold in their attic?

In addition, proper sealing of your home, coupled with proper ventilation, another key ingredient in creating an energy-efficient home, can dramatically reduce the possibility of mold and mildew becoming an issue in your attic.

The hot temperatures attics can experience along with even a small amount of moisture creates a breeding ground for black mold. And once mold spores get airborne inside your home, the health impacts on your family can be devastating.

Sealing and ventilating your home and attic prevents spores from getting into your home. More importantly, it removes moisture from the attic preventing mold growth.

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses, headaches, heart disease, stroke; are just a few of the ailments pollution can cause. It’s for that reason every homeowner should consider improving the efficiency of their home.

On top of making your home healthier, a more efficient home will have lower costs of maintenance as well. You’ll also find greater comfort from more even temperatures throughout the home and last but not least, a lower cost of ownership that comes from power bills that will drop anywhere from 20 to over 50 percent.

When you factor in all the benefits sealing and making a home more energy-efficient provides, why wouldn’t everyone want to upgrade their home environment? After all, you’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the investment that is your home. Protect it. Improve it. Make it more comfortable, and make it healthier.