You may have noticed a change slowly creeping over the City of St. George for the past few years.

One by one, the yellowish cast of high-pressure sodium street lights has been replaced by a clean, white glow beaming down from the new light-emitting diode, or LED light fixtures installed city employees.

If the switch has happened in your neighborhood, the first thing that probably jumped out at you was a significant change in color temperature and what felt like much brighter light beaming through your front windows at night.
After a few days of acclimation, however, they seem almost as natural as walking under the light of a full moon.
“They’re more of a moonlight type light that is softer on the eyes and provides better night vision,” said Laurie Mangum, director of the Energy Services Department for the City of St. George, according to an article in the Spectrum, dating back to 2015, when the city first began the project.

Of course, drivers navigating the city streets with better night vision improves the safety of the citizens of St. George, but that’s not the only reason the city made the change.

The biggest benefit is in the energy savings LEDs can provide.

LED bulbs last longer and use up to 50 percent less energy than the old sodium street lamps they’re replacing, and municipalities across the country have been converting to LED to realize the cost savings.

At the time, the city had recently had an analysis performed on all its systems which indicated some $4 million could be saved over the next 15 years with efficiency upgrades to lighting, plumping, control systems and other items.

While the street lighting project wasn’t included in those numbers, city officials determined the cost savings of the street light project was significant enough to pursue on its own.

“It’s more than just a feel-good project,” Marc Mortensen, assistant to the city manager, said, according to the Spectrum. “It’s actually something that will have a substantial payback and benefit all of us.”

Municipalities aren’t the only entities realizing the savings of switching to LED lighting.

A number of Southern Utah business owners are drastically lowering their power bills with this new technology as well.

“We’re resurfacing our entire parking lot at St. George Shuttle and brighter LED lighting seemed like a natural addition to that project,” said CJ Wade, the owner of St. George Shuttle.

On top of that, we’re further reducing our carbon footprint and the biggest bonus is the benefit to our bottom line. The proposal we looked at from ACES LED showed a huge potential for savings – a fantastic return on our investment – and we’re excited to see that first power bill after the project is finished.”

ACES Companies, a Utah-based company offering energy efficiency, solar and LED products, has been helping businesses throughout the state realize significant savings from converting to LED lighting. 

“Switching to LED makes so much sense for almost every business,” said Ty Haguewood, the President of the LED division at ACES Companies.

“When we show our clients the numbers, even on a fully financed project, they almost always come out ahead every month, right from the start. When your business is going to be saving a couple hundred dollars on power every month, and paying a fraction of that for the install, it’s a no-brainer.”

“The reduction to their carbon footprint and better quality lighting in their buildings that will improve the productivity of their employees, those benefits are just gravy on top,” Haguewood added. “Once a business owner sees just how quickly they can get a return with LED lights, they’re always eager to make the switch as quickly as we can get them installed.”

To schedule a walk through and get a free proposal for switching your business to LED lighting call Ty Haguewood with ACES Companies at (435) 232-2821, or visit the ACES Companies website at