Easy, flexible financing

ACES Lyfe offers a wide variety of financing options with terms as long as 20 years and interest rates as low as 0%. 

In many cases, these flexible terms can mean payments lower than the savings our customers see on their power bills, or an upgraded, safer home for less than the average Netflix subscription. 

Let us show you how easy and affordable it can be to make your home more comfortable, more efficient, safer, and able to produce its own power.

With just a few details, we can prequalify you today. This is a no-strings-attached process that will in no way impact your credit score or appear on your credit report. 


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Your request for preapproval will allow us to perform what soft inquiry of your credit report. This is the same type of credit inquiry done by employers or when you check your own credit report and it will not impact your credit score because it is not tied to a specific request for credit. To read more about soft inquiries or check your own credit report, click on either of the buttons to the right.