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Sealing your home’s envelope

What's a "home envelope?" And why is sealing your home envelope important? No one wants to live in a drafty house. To hear the wind whistling through gaps in your front door or a window whenever a stiff breeze arrives does nothing but suck money from your pockets....

Health Impacts of PM2.5

PM2.5 goals met. But is it enough? Salt Lake City has met goals for reducing particulate matter in the air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. But, have you noticed the air quality getting better where you live? We’re for sure still concerned about the...

Cart Before the Horse

Cart before the horse  We’ve all heard the expression the “CART BEFORE THE HORSE." It’s an idiom used to suggest something is done contrary to the way it should be done, should have been done, or with the wrong emphasis. Using this phrase in relation to “Energy...

Tax Credits

Solar Tax Credits to Sunset“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  -Benjamin FranklinTaxes. No one enjoys paying them. We’d all rather use the money for something else. A vacation, a new side-by-side, the kids college tuition, the...

5 Energy Suckers In Your Home

There are many different components of our electric bill. In order for us to cut down our electric bill, we have to understand where our energy is being used. Let’s go ahead and find those little electricity suckers that like to zap out all of the energy in your home...

Benefits Of A Smart Time Sprinkler

Updating your sprinkler timer is a smart move. Most sprinkler timers are not only difficult to use and to program, but they are also just plain inefficient. Sprinkler timers exist to make our lives easier and more convenient, however dealing with a dying lawn or a...

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