Aces air

•Clean & Efficient
•Long Lasting
•Probiotic Technology

Your home is full of air. We make sure that air is the best quality possible.  Our products help to balance indoor living and workspaces by replenishing them with beneficial probiotics. Probiotics work on a microscopic level and are released into the air through misting of air purifier systems. This misting releases billions of micron-sized probiotics that help to consume organic matter found on hard surfaces such as pollen, dead skin cells, and dust mite excrement.

Benefits of Environmental Probiotics

Protection from indoor irritants floating within air that resides on surfaces.

100 % natural, chemical free, and environmentally friendly.

Bad odor control and management by probiotic misting.

Long lasting residual cleaning of inorganic matter in air and surfaces.

Better air

BetterAir purifiers are all natural, safe for humans and pets, chemical-free, and contribute to a healthy micro-biome.

  •  Clean & Efficient
  •  Long Lasting
  •  Probiotic Technology