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Solar technology converts sunlight into electrical energy. Various solar technologies can harvest radiation to be used in homes, buildings, or any other establishments. But the three leading technologies involve CSP, solar heating and cooling (SHC), and photovoltaics.

How does solar technology work?

Concentrated solar power plants use heat from the sun to run utility-scale, electricity-generating turbines to produce electricity. It uses lenses or mirrors to direct sunlight from a larger area to a smaller site which heats a fluid generating electricity. Moreover, it can store and use concentrated thermal energy at any time of the day.

Solar heating and cooling use thermal energy to provide space heating, hot water, cooling, and air conditioning or heating. The applications of SHC cover residences, industries, and commercial establishments.

Photovoltaics converts sunlight into electricity through an electronic process to power up homes, buildings, or properties. Solar panels are used to harness the sunlight. In it, the sunlight is converted from direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity with the help of an inverter. The electricity created is used, reinforced to the utility grid, or stored in a battery.

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